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Rayne Martin

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Gr10 Highschool Art Prac.

If you’ve been looking at the very few images I have on the home page you’ll notice that there are 3 with the same robot in them. I’d just like to talk about the concept behind them and what went into them. If you can’t find them, here are the links:

The concept behind them revolves around the conservation of our natural environment. I read up on some statistics and was deeply moved to display this ’cause’ in one of my artworks. I first did the Green Future, not knowing I’d do any more of them.

The concept comes through the art in the fact that the robot (an icon of the future) is filled with trees and nature. These ideas do conflict slightly, as our current path towards the future involves severe deforestation and ecological destruction. The robot is placed in a modern building (symbol of modern future) with green lights all around. These represent the natural world inside the modern world. This artwork represents a future where our nature is conserved and protected.
I did Red Future only after I finished The Choice, simply because I felt the need for a triad. Red Future represents the opposite of Green Future. Deforestation, destruction and ignorance. This is the path that is currently dominant.
And finally, The Choice is pretty self explanatory. It’s all in the title.

From here on it’s about how I did The Choice.

The robots themselves were done in 3ds Max. For Green Future, only the upper body of the robot was modeled. The rest was completed right before The Choice. As you can hardly see, the feet have been totally rushed and mismatched. This is because I was on a deadline, and I knew the feet wouldn’t feature in the work.
I would like to use this model again, and some more for animation, but when I modeled it the polygon count became way too high, so this would need some simplified remodelling to make it animation-usable.

This was the render I used for the rest of the work. I created a very reflective material and rendered in VRay.

Click for larger image.

Now enter Photoshop. Images of trees were masked into the robots, with the multiply layer type. The rest of it is all nonsense. If you really care and would like to ask me questions, please do.

-Rain Is Falling-

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